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Is your company in the middle of a change process, or is it about to start? Are you dealing with topics such as strategy development, innovation, teamwork, competitive analysis or are you looking for a corporate strategy? But you don’t know where to start? The strategy development workshop with Eigenland® intuitive analyses is an innovative mix of workshop and thinks tank. A new format to sustainably shape development and change processes in companies.


The new workshop format combines playful, multisensory“lifted”, digital and intuitive elements. In the workshop, topics, companies or teams are viewed as an island. On this island there are undiscovered areas and hidden treasures that are “lifted” together in the workshop. The workshop strategy development by Eigenland® makes use of this image and lets the workshop participants work with and around a plan that represents an island.


In the first part of the workshop, participants are asked for their opinions on prepared theses. The theses are placed on the game board and must be evaluated by each participant — intuitively and playfully. This is done with so-called ground pieces (e.g., tar stands for “does not apply” or “fully applies”), which everyone places on the playing field simultaneously and face-down in the form of tokens — in the first step without discussion and without questioning. Group dynamic effects or opinion leadership, as can be observed in some discussion rounds, are thus excluded. Each participant has one vote, which carries weight. All votes cast are absolutely equal. In this way, each participant is encouraged to be willing to change and to shape the process. The game leader notes the voting result for each topic in the Eigenland® app and moves on to the next topic. At the end, all topics are combined in an overall evaluation at the push of a button.


In the second phase of the game, the results reports are printed out and distributed to all participants for joint discussion. This makes it clear to the participants where the group agrees and where there are differences in the evaluation of the theses. A valuable exchange can begin. The game leader helps the participants navigate through the various topics and evaluate the views expressed: Where are potentials hidden? What are the quick wins? Since each participant in the group is absolutely equal to the others, inner commitments and the individual will to create are fostered.


Eigenland® is not a game. It is an effective and at the same time entertaining method to solve important and urgent issues playfully. In the meantime, a certain workshop fatigue can be observed among many employees: Hours-long, non-ending discussions in which ”leaders” leaders always take the floor and other participants just serve their time. This is not effective and does not lead to sustainable results. It also reduces the commitment of employees.

Eigenland® helps to make decisions quickly and playfully across hierarchical boundaries. The playful component arouses emotions that help everyone involved to open up and share their opinion. Often, employees are not involved in decision-making, but they would be the best judge of how to solve problems. With the workshop strategy development with Eigenland®, actions of those who would never express their opinion so clearly in an open discussion also become visible. Thus, the format takes advantage of the unconscious knowledge and intuitive experience of all participants. It appeals to all human senses and leads creatively to the goal. The Eigenland® method allows intuition without turning off the head.


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