Using the Hogan Assessments profitably


Hogan personality tests are powerful tools for talent management and cover the entire employee lifecycle:
From selection and development to succession planning or outplacement. The results accurately predict career performance.

In our certification workshops, you will learn the basics of Hogan personality procedures, how to prepare feedback, and how to conduct routine feedback interviews.

Our Hogan experts provide you with strategies that support you in your daily HR and coaching work. In this way, you sharpen your profile and can document your knowledge with an official certificate.


If you would like to have several employees certified, it is more flexible and cost-effective to book an in-house workshop just for your company! Also, if you are interested in other workshop formats, such as team development sessions, high potential programs or others, please let us know using the form below. We will get back to you shortly and plan an in-house workshop based on your needs.

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Sara Becker (sara.becker@metaberatung.com) advises you on our certifications and workshops and is the first point of contact for individual in-house training. Please feel free to arrange your personal consultation appointment!

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