Team Coaching

Turning employees into team players


In today’s world, authoritarian and hierarchical leadership styles hardly work anymore. Knowledge and competencies are distributed among many individuals and only unfold their maximum effect in a network and lead to maximum success. In a constantly changing working world, great challenges arise for the individual team members. Even managers cannot escape this, since in some projects they work as part of a team and not exclusively as the head of it. Team coaching is about the individual team members recognizing themselves as individuals and at the same time practicing a behavior that is oriented towards the community of the team. This principle applies to fixed teams as well as project teams recruited from other teams.

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Our approach to team coaching creates the opportunity to set up the team so that everyone pulls together to achieve the common goal.


We help you improve fixed teams and support you in building teams with maximum efficiency. In both cases, the Hogan method is recommended for the individual team members, which then provides information about the team’s strengths, blind spots, cluster risks and development potential in a subsequent group analysis. Of course, this is always aligned with the need, which core competencies do I need in the team, not only professionally, but also personally.

In the implementation, we offer team workshops, in which the individual team members discuss their strengths and weaknesses in an open exchange with each other. Our coaches moderate these workshops and help you derive development measures and translate them into concrete action points. These could then also be continued in individual coaching sessions.

The team is the sum of its members and its development is crucial for the success of a company.

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