Measurement of cognitive and strategic decision-making

Increase marksmanship

With a cognitive assessment, we measure, among other things, a person’s ability or aptitude to deal with problems, find solutions to various everyday challenges, or reason.

Intelligence, like personality, is a stable trait that persists over time. We recommend using a cognitive assessment in conjunction with our personality assessments to increase accuracy and better predict an employee’s job performance.

HBRI – Insight into cognitive performance

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) provides you with information about how strong a person’s business reasoning skills are by assessing how well a person solves a set of common business issues. You can use the HBRI results to predict how a person will evaluate information and make business decisions.

The report first outputs an “Overall Business Reasoning Score” and analyzes a candidate’s “Quantitative” and “Qualitative Reasoning” in the subscale section. Both values in combination result in the “Cognitive Style” of a person.

Judgment – Overview of Judgment

The Hogan Judgment report describes how a person processes information, makes judgments, and makes decisions. It also provides information on how a person reacts to feedback and how open he or she is to feedback or coaching.

Especially for (junior) managers and high potentials, this report provides valuable information, including how others are likely to perceive their judgment.


The Raven’s APM-III report provides a highly reliable assessment of test takers’ general cognitive abilities.

This includes measuring the ability to give meaning to ambiguous information, formulate new concepts, and solve problems and tasks when participants are presented with new, complex information in unfamiliar situations.

For example, this matrix test can help predict whether an applicant or employee will be successful in performing new and unfamiliar tasks.