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In talent management, the development of leadership competencies is an elementary component for satisfied and successful employees, as well as for the long-term success of your company. Personality Guidance helps you to define the individual development areas of your managers and to translate them into customized development plans with concrete steps. By using the Hogan personality methods as well as 360 degree surveys, such as the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) or the Hogan 360, (further) development potentials become visible and realizable. In addition to classic leadership skills, our consultants are also happy to analyze the potential of your decision-makers in agile environments with the help of our Agile Leader Assessment.

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360-degree feedback redesigned for today’s world of crisis and disruption. Another partner of ours is Kaiser Leadership Solutions, whose 360-degree feedback with the Leadership Versatility Index is the ideal complement to the Hogan personality tests for our clients.

Agile Leadership

The digital transformation and disruption of markets is rewriting the rules of competition and thus the requirements to successfully survive as an organization. Large organizations in particular face the challenge of having to act in an agile manner and to awaken and drive the entrepreneurial spirit within the organization.

The search for the starting point with the greatest leverage often leads directly to the executives. It is essential to demand and promote self-responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking in leadership, and to develop visions that are fit for the future. Agile leadership is the new maxim of any leadership. Now is the time to support our leaders in unlocking the potential of their employees and teams. A definition of what agile leadership means is necessary and a basis for encouraging self-reflection. Finally, targeted support that achieves maximum impact with minimum effort is needed.

Agile Leadership metaBeratung


Nicole Neubauer, CEO Personality Guidance, interviewed by Robert Hogan, Founder & President of Hogan Assessments.

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