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Depending on the project, more or less questionnaires are activated for you. Therefore, also the completion time varies. Please finish every questionnaire, that is displayed. Please take your time and peace.

Note: When taking a personality questionnaire, there is no right and wrong answer. Go with the answer that first comes to your mind – even though the short statements may not fully cover all aspects.


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During the assessments

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  • Pause: You can pause your assessments at any time. All information submitted prior to the break will be retained. You can log back into the system using your assigned Hogan ID and the new, personalized password you created. Unfortunately, this is not applicable for MatriGMA and HBRI. These tests have to be finished in a single session.


  • Please select “Submit” to complete the assessment.
  • Your results will be provided to the requesting organization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your personal consultant.